Melotte 15 in

The Heart Nebula

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Cosmic clouds seem to form fantastic shapes in the central regions of emission nebula IC 1805. The clouds are sculpted by stellar winds and radiation from massive hot stars in the nebula’s newborn star cluster, Melotte 15. About 1.5 million years young, the cluster stars are in the center of this colorful skyscape, along with dark dust clouds in silhouette against glowing atomic gas.  Wider field images reveal that IC 1805’s simpler, overall outline suggests its popular name – The Heart Nebula. IC 1805 is located about 7,500 light years away toward the constellation Cassiopeia.

Imaging Data

Date: 11-(20-21-22)-2014

Location : Sudbury, Massachusetts

Optics : Televue 85 Apochromatic Refractor @f/7

Filter(s) : Astronomik CLS-CCD

Mount : Astrophysics Mach1-GTO

Autoguiding : PHD2 with Costar Guider

Camera : Canon EOS T3i Full Spectrum

Exposure info : 56 x 600 second Exposures @ISO 1600

Total Exposure : 9.33 hours