Rho Ophiuchi

Processing Example in PixinSight

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  1. 1.Crop Edges

  2. 2.DBE- manual placement of samples with radius of 8.  Mainly corners and small areas of free space.

  3. 3.Background Neutralization Default settings

  4. 4.Color Calibration increasing with default settings except for upper limit of background  reference set at 0.4

  5. 5.Star Mask creation with default settings

  6. 6.Deconvolution with starmask Richard-Lucy, Std Dev at 1.2, 10 iterations with deringing support and local deringing using starmask for support.

  7. 7.Morphological Transformation with starmask at 0.25

  8. 8.Remove mask and perform Masked Stretch Utility with settings below:

  1. 9.  HDRWT: set at 7 layers and with lightness mask, followed by 2 layers with deringing at default again with lightness mask.

  2. 10.  Dark Structure Enhance Utility at defaults with amount set to .3

  3. 11.  SCNR for Green at 1.0

  4. 12.  ACDNR at defaults with mask and Lightness Std Dev of 1.3 and Chroma at 4.0.

  5. 13.  Histogram Transformation for resetting of black point and slight stretch.

  6. 14.  Create New Star Mask

  7. 15.  Create New mask from the extracted Dark Structure Enhance Utility mask (inverted) and    New Star mask (inverted) using Pixel math:

  1. 16. Apply new mask to protect stars and background.

  2. 17. Saturation boost with mask using curves and increase reddish hues in dusty areas using curve below on “a” channel:

  1. 18. Final ACDNR for large structure noise set at 12 with Std Dev of .8 and 2.0 for Lum and Chroma, respectively

  2. 19.Final Histogram tweak to reset Black point.